A grueling and wonderful day

After my post about the magical new record I found yesterday (Freestyle Man’s “Baby Wants to Ride” from the French label Crack and Speed), I started to get actually nervous that it would be bought before I could go back to the store. I even made my friend scarf down his sandwich so we could rush. Very fortunately, the record was right where I left it and I even got a modest discount on it from Lloyd himself. I’ll never tempt fate like that again. *whew*

After dropping off the record for safe-keeping at my friend’s place, we set forth on our ambitious itinerary:

4 – 9 pm: MoMA P.S.1 Warm-Up with Marcus Marr, Joy Orbison + Ben UFO, and Hot Chip

10 – 11 pm: Output with Hot Chip/Juan Maclean/Nikola Baytala

11 – 1:30 am: Club Jerome’s Terrace Warming Party

2 – 4 am: Bumpin’ Somethin’ with DJ Bruce and Steven Zika

4 am – ?: Sublimate with Ben UFO and Joy Orbison


We did *almost* all of it. Output didn’t happen (only two of us were on the guest list) and we were too exhausted to stay at the Sublimate party for more than an hour, but we definitely got in a full day of great music.

Artist Soundcloud links are below, and here are a couple of cute highlights. (Left to right, top to bottom: Jerome, İrem, me, Max, Alexis Taylor, Sandy, Berkay.)

(Photos by İrem Tümer and Berkay Güney)


Marcus Marr


Joy Orbison

Hot Chip

Nikola Baytala

DJ Bruce

Steven Zika


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