The ones and the twos

It’s been nearly 8 months since I began pursuing music seriously – as a DJ, then a manager, and now as a producer. It has been rocky as hell (and I don’t expect this part to disappear), but I’ve realized that achieving goals is about recognizing small wins along the way. So, I’m super duper pleased to present two new mixes (both of which I feel really great about), and give three new updates.

First, the mixes. As always, I am grateful for what constructive feedback I can get, so please don’t hold back:

  1. Shallow Groove (33 min)
  2. No Good Very Bad Day (1 hr, 5 min)

Now, for the updates.

  1. New Job! – As of this past Thursday, I am the new Booking Coordinator at House of Yes in Brooklyn. (I am so over-the-moon excited about this that I am having a truly difficult time using appropriate punctuation in this update. (!!!!) Again, thoroughly elated.)
  2. “Get It Together” – This Sunday will be my second radio spot on The Lot Radio, an awesome honor and a chance to have a great time playing fun records with a great friend. Tune in 6-8 pm EST, or drop by Greenpoint for a glass of wine on a funky bus.
  3. “Pie Jam” – Next Thursday, March 2nd, Dio and I will be hosting the first in a series of DJ nights at Artichoke Basille’s Pizza in Bushwick (right near House of Yes). Drop by anytime 10 – 2 and we’ll serve up some hot (and not-too-cheesy) grooves to tickle your earbuds. (Also, if you’ve never been to this place, the pizza alone is worth coming out for. :P)

I am by no means at the end of my journey, but feel and have felt the need to publicly appreciate many people for their love and support in getting me where I’m at so far. My good friend Dio Garcia would have to be first. He has not only encouraged me to pursue a life in music, but has given me innumerable tools for making it happen and more patience and encouragement than is even reasonable. Dio has provided me more feedback and endless, tireless support than any other single person along this journey and he deserves ample credit for my doing what I’m doing now. My whole family has also been insanely (inSANELY!) encouraging and supportive. Without their emotional and material leverage, I would never have been free to pursue the life that makes me happy – at least, not here in New York, the most expensive and competitive place to be doing it. For all this, I am incredibly fortunate. Obviously, there are tons of other people who have helped me to different degrees – Eric Holt for making Treetops a thing in the first place, Dani Lehman for trying (!) to teach me to beat match, Juan Cortez for allowing me to use his very very sweet DJ set up at no cost, Justin Miller for taking a chance on an unknown kid … Plus all the exceptional people in my life who convinced me I might actually be able to do all of this.

Who the fuck knew.


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