It has now been exactly one year since I first saw DJ Harvey, Carl Craig, Doc Martin, Soul Clap, Seth Troxler, and at least a dozen others that would inspire me to pursue music professionally. And this year, surrounded by family and friends, I got to play music at one of the best received afterparties of this year’s Movement Festival in Detroit, the WHERE ARE MY KEYS? party, co-produced by Detroit’s Marble Bar and Miami’s Electric Pickle.

It’s a strange thing to go from trying to do something to just doing something, but I guess that’s where I’m at. I certainly still have lots of self-doubt, but for the first time ever, it doesn’t seem to be enough to hold me back.

I have not been posting lately. I’ve been busy. But I wanted to take a brief moment to check in, since so much has changed: I have gained and lost friends, changed jobs, and gotten a whole bunch of new gigs. I have learned to focus on myself and to accept that my life right now is about the music above all else, sometimes to the detriment of relationships. However, as I remarked to a friend recently, I cannot have regrets about doing the thing that I love most. Instead, I’ll have to learn to live with the consequences, knowing that I have chosen my best path.

Here are a few gigs I have coming up this month. I hope to see you there. 🙂

  • Tuesday, June 6th – Space Tak’s Galaxy Bop w/ Noah Prebish & Mira Fahrenheit (Nublu)
  • Wednesday, June 7th – SPINMANIA! with Safari Joe & Mira Fahrenheit (Tilt BK)
  • Friday, June 16th – Wig Out! Wig Party (House Of Yes)
  • Saturday, June 29th – Discotechnique with Dimitri From Paris (House Of Yes)



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